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Decode User Needs - Launch of new Persona Creation Kit



Base4NFDI supports its funded services to understand their target group by developing Personas - now you can use the workshop materials and template too!

Click here to find our Persona Creation Kit!

Have you ever struggled to understand your service's target group? A lot of time and effort went into development of a service but now many of your potential users are not aware of the service, don’t get its benefits or are struggling to use it?

Personas are archetypes - fictional characters - that represent typical users. They help designers and developers of services efficiently identify and empathize with user needs, characteristics, and goals.

In Base4NFDI we fund and support the creation of basic services that are potentially relevant to all consortia – and thereby different scientific disciplines. Basic services are technical-organizational solutions that may include storage and computing services, software and workflows as well as personnel support and are scalable, sustainable and effective.

In the requirements analysis phase, we support basic service teams with workshops and introduce methods to gather personas, epics and user stories to enable a user-centric design that fits the needs of the scientific community. One of these measures were two persona creation workshops in November 2023 and February 2024 where the first 6 personas were created by Base4NFDI-funded projects.

You want to develop personas but do not have a basic service proposal (yet)? We derived the Base4NFDI Persona Creation Kit from the workshops we did and published it on Zenodo. So, if you are interested, go ahead, learn about the process, see some examples or gather people from your team and develop your own personas.

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us!

Image credit: pch.vector on Freepik

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